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About Lotte Hvas

Book release  march 8, 2022: The book about menopause (in Danish) is a handbook for those who wish to gain knowledge about the menopausal transition. What happens to the female body during menopause? What can be expected? Is treatment the right choice or should it be avoided? This handbook also looks at menopause from a cultural, social, psychological and biological perspective

In addition to providing practical medical knowledge, Lotte Hvas shares the diverse experiences from women she has come into contact with as a GP, woman, friend and scientist.  

In our culture, menopause and women’s ageing are are often perceived negatively by society at large. This runs counter to the fact that more and more women find themselves thriving at 50 and surrounded by strong social and professional networks.

This book debunks the myths and misconceptions surrounding menopause and reveals it for the natural life transition it is. A transition in which most women are feeling fine, while some experience menopausal symptoms or struggle with other issues. Menopause should neither be pathologised nor ignored. It is a phase in which some may need treatment, while others can benefit from guidance and knowledge.