About Lotte Hvas

My name is Lotte Hvas. I am a specialist in general medicine, MD, dr.med.sci., and I have worked as a danish GP for 25 years.
Since 1996, I have combined my work as a GP with research at the Research Unit for General Practice, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.
The starting point for my project was a desire to illustrate how Danish women experienced menopause. At that time – in 1996 – I experienced  that there was a major disparity between the myths that flourished, including the medical attitude that was referred to as “hormone deficiency syndrome” and the well functioning and well-being women I met in the consultation room. In 2008, I defended my doctoral dissertation “Medicine for  the healty- a sick idea?” based on qualitave interviews with menopausal women.

For 6 years (2008-2013) I have been a member of the Ethical council in Denmark. for three years as Vice-President of the Council. In particular, the ethical dilemmas that arise when healthy people meet the healthcare system have taken me. In this regard, I have been co-editor of the book (in Danish) “Do the healthcare system create unhealthyness? – Reflections from General Practice. ”

Private I live in Præstø, south of Copenhagen, I am married and have two grownup children and a granddaughter and a grandson.

Contact: Lotte.hvas(att)dadlnet.dk

About this website

The website Lottehvas.dk is intended as a library for the articles I have written over the years – scientific, mediating and debating.

I use another website www.overgangskvinder.dk (in Danish) where I post blogs and updates in connection with my  book  (in Danish) “‘The book about menopause” from 2022.

I have divided the articles on the page following the overall topics I have written about. You can find them on the front page or here: Menopause, Narrative Medicine, Medical Ethics, Risk and Medication, Family Medicine, and various contributions to the Health debate.

Under “scientific papers” you can find my scientific, English-language articles included in my dissertation “Medicine for the healthy – a sick idea?”.